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Organic Beets, Gold Loose

Organic Beets, Gold Loose

$3.75  ~1 lb
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Organic Beets, Gold Loose


Gold Beets are a deep orange root veggie with a bright yellow flesh. Closely related to Chard, Beets were originally cultivated for their greens. Beets have the highest sugar content of any vegetable, and as such make a great pairing with creamy, rich, flavours like goat cheese, slow-cooked meat, sour cream, and other bright flavours like orange and tarragon. To store, beets can be loosely wrapped in paper towel and kept in the crisper for about a week. They can also be kept in a root cellar or other cool, dry location for much longer.


Ingredients: No chemicals, no GMOs, just organically grown beets.


Various - California