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Beef, T-Bone Steak

Beef, T-Bone Steak

$25.00  16-20 oz
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Beef, T-Bone Steak


T-Bone is the bone-in combination of the Striploin and the Tenderloin. Generally a large amount of steak, T-Bones can be shared between 2 people, or devoured by one hungry person. It is important to remember to bring your steak up to room temperature before cooking, especially when preparing a bone-in cut. The bone warms slower than the meat and fat, and as such you may have an unevenly cooked steak.


Dragonfly Farm

Once a dream, Dragonfly Farm now functions as a successful, sustainable, ecological, humane and organic farm. Raising a variety of animals (beef cattle, heritage pigs, chickens, ducks, turkey, lamb, donkeys) vegetables and fruits respectfully on 70 acres of owned land and 230 acres rented.

Located on the hilly clay soils of the Golden Valley just south west of Chatsworth, Ontario. Prone to varying degrees of hostile, wretched winter weather to warm summer days normally depicted on post cards, in these conditions they farm with passion!

They allow and assist the carbon cycle and soil food web to flourish and increase their farm lands fertility naturally, without synthetic inputs. Growing food as it was once grown, and they believe how it should still be grown.

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