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Beef, Bavette Steak (large)

Beef, Bavette Steak (large)

$40.00  ~2-2.5lbs
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Beef, Bavette Steak (large)


This is an large Bavette Steak, weighing two to two and a half pounds - which should feed four-to-five people. Dragonfly Farms' Bavette is a delicious grilling steak most often prepared in Steak Frites. Also known as Vascio in Spanish, or the ever-romantic "Bottom Sirloin Flap Meat," Bavette is best prepared on the grill to medium or medium-rare. It has very pronounced muscular fibres, also known as the grain, this is the direction in which the fibres run. When slicing Bavette (and any steak), you should always cut across the grain for a more tender experience. Bavette has lots of flavour on its own, and is great with just salt and pepper. If you want to get fancy you can splash it with thyme and butter.


This is an large Bavette Steak, weighing two to two and a half pounds - which should feed four-to-five people.


Farm Queen Foods

Farming has been the most inspiring adventure of my life. Starting out with no previous farm experience, I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills since 2007!  Life truly is a journey!

Farm Queen Foods is based on organic, pasture and grass farming principals.  We use sustainable, ecological, humane and organic farm practices to raise a variety of animals, respectfully and environmentally on 50 acres of land located on highway 6 in Grey County.  

I focus on making more organic matter than the land would naturally make on its own. By allowing and assisting the carbon cycle and soil food web to flourish and increase my farm lands fertility naturally, without synthetic inputs. And I am not alone! 

Farm Queen has partnered up with some amazing local alternative farmers. Together we grow a huge selection of respectfully raised, pastured, 100% grass-fed and Certified Organic meats, and more.

Each farmer specializes in growing humanely raised and quality meats and together we offer you a huge collection of the best food grown in Ontario. As a group, we have changed how food is sold in Ontario and how animals are grown. 11 years ago when my dream to be a farmer was just a dream, it was difficult to find pastured and grass-fed meat, now it is all we do!

We all work hard to raise the very best quality foods to share with you! Thank you for celebrating your love of local food with us!