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Baby Food, Green Bean Puree

Baby Food, Green Bean Puree

$2.75  90g
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Baby Food, Green Bean Puree


Fressy Bessie's baby food is always made with one ingredient. Prepared here in Toronto, they are made from produce that is steamed, braised, or oven-roasted, and then pureed to a creamy consistency. They're packaged in 90g BPA-free, resealable containers.


Ingredients: Green Bean


Fressy Bessie Food Inc

Fressie Bessy began in 2014 when Jackie was looking for a new path. Inspired by her love of food and commitment to feeding her daughter healthy, home-prepared fruits and vegetables (all of which she loved), she started making baby food and selling it at local farmer’s markets. 

Fressy Bessie creates all of their products in a certified commercial kitchen right here in Toronto using fresh, local, in-season ingredients, the majority of which are organic. (This means they end up doing crazy things like pureeing and deep-freezing 12 giant buckets worth of local apples in a day – but it’s 100% worth it!)