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Applesauce Cups, Peach Applesauce

Applesauce Cups, Peach Applesauce

$4.35  6x113g
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Applesauce Cups, Peach Applesauce


Applesnax's Organic Peach Applesauce is a delicious and healthy on-the-go snack with added peaches for a natural sweetness. A convenient 6-pack, great for anyone in the family to enjoy!

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ingredients: apples*, peach puree*, water, apple juice concentrate*, natural flavour*, ascorbic acid



Applesnax is the national brand of Leahy Orchards, a large fruit grower based in Quebec. They launched their certified organic line up in 2006, and have been producing quality organic apple sauces and fruit purées since.