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Organic Apple, Ambrosia

Organic Apple, Ambrosia

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Organic Apple, Ambrosia


The Ambrosia apple is an apple variety that was discovered by the Mennell family in Cawston, British Columbia. The original tree was a “chance” seedling, meaning that an apple dropped on the ground and a tree grew from one of the seeds. The parentage of the Ambrosia apple remains unknown, but it may be a cross of Starking Delicious and Golden Delicious because those were the varieties of trees growing in that orchard. The original Ambrosia mother tree is still located in the Mennell’s orchard and the thousands of Ambrosia trees growing around the world are the result of branch clippings from that one tree!

Ambrosia is a glossy, bi-coloured apple. It has tender, juicy flesh with a fine, crisp texture, and its honeyed flavour will saturate your taste buds, leaving you refreshed and satisfied. Ambrosia is also a low-acid apple, which makes it easier for kids and older people to digest.



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