Explore the ins and outs of game meats with our in-house experts at The Healthy Butcher!

Join Fresh City and The Healthy Butcher as we explore the fascinating world of game meats with our butchery experts. In this session, we will discuss commonly-available types of game meats, what to look for when selecting a cut, how to work with it at home, and why game meat can be a great sustainable option for home cooks.

Our experts will discuss:

  • What is game meat
  • How is game meat sourced at The Healthy Butcher
  • What to look for when selecting a cut
  • How to work with game meat at home
  • Benefits of game meat
  • Q&A with our butchers

If you've been curious about trying game meats, such as duck, venison, bison, or elk, this introductory session is right for you!