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Working the Land (1)

I broke ground in a 750square-foot-plot of land on Saturday, May 21. By the end of the long weekend, 500 square feet were tilled and 160 salads, 50 tomatoes, and 30 herbs were transplanted.  In total, approximately 12 hours of work was required.

Pictured below is the landowner, Roberto.

Notice the large spacing between the tomato plants. This is standard practice according to my gardening tradition. However, Damian (Production Manager) insisted that salad be planted in between each tomato, which is the case for the first three rows. Roberto liked this idea, and a few days later advised me to transplant his garlic in between the remaining four tomato rows (picture soon to follow).

Damian’s advice gets me thinking about gardening in an intensive fashion. This method also adds to the complexity and diversity of planting options. Incorporating variety in the garden is said to encourage plant resiliency, which would benefit the success rate of our organic production protocol. Time will tell.

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