It's #WhyIFarm Wednesday! I'm Julianne, Fresh City's Farm Manager.

I started farming five years ago when I made the switch from a very different career. I was drawn to organic farming for many reasons, especially when I learned about the impacts that conventional agriculture has on our planet and how it contributes to climate change. I immediately fell in love with farming, and how simple and complex it can be at the same time.

I find joy in all aspects of farming, from the repetitive tasks like weeding carrots, to the physical jobs like hauling wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of compost, and of course the exciting moments like harvesting the first ripe tomato. But most of all, I love how dynamic working on a farm is. Every year, every season, and even every day is different and brings new challenges. As farmers, we are constantly problem solving, prioritizing, and planning, often considering the past, present and future all at the same time - when was this planted? what was planted here before? what does this crop need right now? when will it be ready to harvest? Juggling the roles of farmer, manager, salesperson, soil scientist, tour guide, botanist, repair person, delivery driver (and more!), is challenging but provides endless opportunities for learning.
The simple act of sowing a seed, caring for it, and watching it grow is nothing short of amazing.

The complexities of running an organic urban farm are endless, but growing food, caring for the soil and the planet, feeding our community, friends, and families is rewarding and gratifying. And each spring, we get to start anew and try to do better. And that is #WhyIFarm