It’s Why I Farm Wednesday and today we are featuring Hannah, a passionate farmer and one of the cooks in the Fresh City Kitchen. This is her story.

I have always had a passion for food. From a young age I have understood the relationship between what I put in my body and the outcome on my health. I realized 5 years ago that if I truly wanted to understand the connection between food and health I had to get to the source. That is when I found Fresh City Farms, a small organic urban farm that was running a program to train enthusiastic first time farmers. From the moment I stepped on the farm I fell in love with the place. An urban oasis at the corner of Keele and Sheppard! Its hard to put into words the effect this small farm has had on my life and outlook on food itself. I have been able to give back to the soil, ecosystem, and community through the plants I grow. I have been able to advocate and teach others about regenerative agriculture. Most of all I have been humbled by the intricate  life of plants in our ecosystem. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I have been provided on this farm! That is #WhyIFarm