Overfishing is one of the largest threats our oceans are faced with today.

According to the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization, an estimated 90% of the world’s fish are at risk. As our population grows it becomes more and more vital to consume sustainable fish from responsible fisheries. That's why we've partnered with Ocean Wise, a classification system developed by the Vancouver Aquarium that regularly evaluates and updates sustainable seafood recommendations based on ocean-friendly practices. We're proud to boast that 100% of the fish in Our Market are Ocean Wise Recommended!

Check out a couple of our favourites below!

$8.25/7-8 oz
Maker: Skipper Otto

Mild taste & low sodium levels! It's also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and selenium and is believed to have a significantly lower oil content than other types on the market.


$8.70/4 oz
Maker: Wild Ocean Fish
Wild caught off the West Coast of British Columbia. Our Wild Pacific Halibut has a delicate flavour, firm texture, and sparkling white, nearly translucent flesh.