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Waste Not Want Not: Watermelon Rinds

Your watermelon rinds deserve a chance! These castoffs can be the secret ingredient for adding new substance and excitement to your next meal. Here’s how we are making the most of watermelon rinds in our kitchen:

1. Pickle Them!
You know the old adage: “one person’s trash is another person’s pickle” - that’s how the saying goes, right? All it takes is water, vinegar, sugar and a stove to convert what-would-be-tossed rinds into a delicious snack, taco topping, or zippy salad addition. Here's how to do it. 


Cut the watermelon in half and remove the flesh from the rind. Set the flesh aside for future snacking. 

Carefully cut the green peel from the rind and cut the rind into 1/4-inch slices. Place the slices in a sterilized (16-oz) jar. Pour in the sugar, vinegar, and hot water. Cover and set aside to let the pickling magic happen. This takes a minimum of 40 minutes, but the longer, the better.

Quick-pickled watermelon rinds can last up to two weeks sealed in the fridge.

2. Stir-Fry Them!

When stir-fried, the rind will soften and quickly absorb the flavour of your sauce.

Use the rind the same way you would with carrots or daikon in a stir-fry. Heat the oil and aromatics first, add the rind and vegetables to cook, pour in the sauce and stir it all to make a beautiful dinner.

3. Gazpacho Them!
Gazpacho is a cold soup, best enjoyed during the hottest months of the year. It’s no coincidence that watermelons are in season during this time too! Swap out the cucumber from a gazpacho recipe and add watermelon rind instead. The two are pretty similar in terms of texture and flavour – both have a crisp texture and a mild flavour.

4. Make a Soup with Them!
One of our Fresh City members, Ling Yam, shared her soup recipe passed down from generations with us. Her tip: watermelon rinds! Cut the rinds into large bite-size cubes for a subtle flavour similar to a lot of gourds. The little peaks of red flesh that remain on the rind are a visual delight.

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