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Waste Not Want Not: Broccoli Stems

We're starting a new series where we give you a couple easy ideas to use up as much of your produce as possible. First up: broccoli.

Hold on to those broccoli stems! They’re often discarded but they’re arguably even better than the florets. To prep them, peel their tough outer layer until you’re left with the lighter green, tender part of the stem. So easy to do and ensures you use as much of your produce as possible.

Fresh City Blog How to Peel the Broccoli Stem
Once peeled, cut them into thin strips and use them raw in salads & slaws, or cook them in stir-fries or curries.

Fresh City Blog Chop the broccoli stems

Here, we mixed them with lettuce greens, chopped almonds & a mustard dressing. They’re peppery, tender-crisp with a hint of sweetness: what’s not to like?

Fresh City Blog Broccoli Salad

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