Fresh City Farms’ hybrid co-op and franchise model provides an opportunity for individuals interested in urban agriculture the support structure necessary to establish a successful farming operation. How does it achieve this? It begins with its marketing support strategy. My interest in urban agriculture was inspired by the SPIN farming model. The dilemma, however, concerned how to turn this idea into reality. Fresh City Farms delivers marketing support where management provides flyers, business cards, and information to help spread the word and obtain your first contractual agreement with a homeowner. You are officially in business the moment you secure a piece of land. Overcoming this first challenge calls for celebration. The excitement of knocking on doors, handing out flyers, and communicating your vision with the public are invaluable experiences. During this process you learn about your neighbourhoods’ attitude towards the concept of urban farming, private property, food box delivery services, etc…I can tell you that it was not an easy sell. Notwithstanding these challenges, Fresh City Farms provided the necessary push to help me achieve this first – and most crucial - objective of my goal to engage in an urban farming operation. From this point on, Fresh City Farms provides the necessary tools, information, compost, and seeds to begin growing your produce. This production stage is not simply a matter of planting and watching it grow; rather, it is a complex process which provides an avenue for a host of practical activities, such as design planning, organizing planting and work schedules, projecting cash flow, etc. These topics will be touched upon in future posts.