"Triste e` la rapa che d'agosto non e` nata" (sad is the rapini that in August has not sprouted) is an Italian proverb which speaks of the time that la rapa, or rapini, should be planted. Rapini, which may also be called i broccoletti, is an Italian brassica planted in the end of August. According to my grandfather's planting calendar, rapini is to be planted on August 20th. However, contrary to proverbial wisdom, I decided to plant the Cima di Rapa on June 30 as an experiment. Since this Rapa variety has a harvest projection date of 40days, it should then be ready by around August 10. So if this experiment fails, than I can just re-seed the rapini according to its traditional planting schedule. Also planted that same day, and according to schedule, were the misticanza lettuce mix, fennel seeds and Cicoria. I purchased the seeds at Weston Seeds in Woodbridge and the Fennel Seeds from Berton Seeds. Both suppliers assured me that these seeds were not treated and are not GMO’s. I was also told that Europe has more stringent quality measures, and since these seeds come from Italy, there shouldn’t be any concern. In the usual way, rapini is planted in a rectangular space of land.