Happy New Year!

Last week, in our final bag of 2012, we ran an article on the "Five Reasons Why Urban Farming is the Most Important Movement of Our Time." This week on the farm, we're adding one more reason: Women Farmers.

Women led the Victory Garden war effort, continue to run household food procurement, and have long been the linchpin of family farms. We've seen increasing leadership from and recognition for urban and peri-urban women farmers in the last year.

In August, The Toronto Star published two articles: "Female farmers divulge secret of why they work the land" and "Young, city-born women buck Ontario's aging farmer trend," which gave credence to the trend we were experiencing at Fresh City. At Fresh City, 7 of our 13 farmers this past growing season were women, and many of them are taking their passion for the land, and skill at working it, one step further this coming year: Amy's Red Pocket Farm and Jess and Caitlin's Sage Rising Herb Farm .

And now, a new project, which the ladies at Fresh City are eager to be a part of: Women Farmer, a blog all about women in the field.

Women Farmers is a blog interpreting the experience of women in agriculture. It is a series of portraits and snapshots including brief vignettes of each woman’s background. These biographical sketches describe her views and experiences as a woman farmer, particularly in relation to sustainable agriculture. The photos are typically shot on medium format or 35mm black and white film by me, or submitted by interviewee.

Women are the fastest growing demographic of small-farm owners and operators. This project explores of the implications this that trend and how women identify themselves as farmers. It’s an evolving interpretation meant not only to help build solidarity with other women farmers but also to enchant the viewer with the growing number of women farmers in North America.

If you have anything to share, stories, drawings, photos, songs, etc- submissions are more than welcome. To suggest a farmer or join the blog, please email Logan Fields.

Check back soon for profiles on Fresh City Women Farmers!

All the best in 2013,
Fresh City