Kickstarter Update:
We've hit a significant milestone -- 100 backers! Thanks to everyone for contributing and spreading the word.  We are now about half way through our campaign and are ready to turn up the heat.  Today, we meet Dan, who has also shot a great little video about himself.
Help us incubate 100 city farmers producing 1 million pounds of produce by 2015.

"I grew up on an acre of prairie in rural Manitoba, from which my parents coaxed enough vegetables and fruit to feed themselves and 5 children. What we didn't eat fresh, my parents preserved. I was interested in both the kitchen and the garden from a young age, so I learned a

lot about how to grow and preserve food - which is about to come in VERY handy! But I didn't realize what a good thing I had at the time, so I moved away to get an engineering degree and take a job in the automotive industry, eventually ending up in Toronto. I chose engineering because I wanted to help make the world a better place; but over the course of years I realized that I was designing expensive toys for rich people, and those toys were compounding the problem, not solving anything. I also came to understand the term "wage slave" - I was working only for the paycheck, and got little personal satisfaction from my job. Eventually I thought back to my childhood and realized that growing food was what I needed to do! I planted a backyard vegetable garden and began taking farm courses; and this year - finally! - I'm growing vegetables for market at Downsview Park with Fresh City Farms. I expect to put my engineering skills to good use on the farm, and in a few years I will have the knowledge and experience to expand significantly, and make farming my full-time career and livelihood."