Last week, as I was watching Abra’s  " What’s in Your Box " video it got me thinking about what else is in that box in addition to wonderful, fresh local food.  There’s more in there than simply vegetables and fruit!  Here are my thoughts: If you’ve checked out my website, , you’ll know that I believe that healthy eating is much simpler than most people think. Instead of worrying about individual nutrients or antioxidants, the easiest way to know you are doing your body good is to look down at your plate and to see a beautiful rainbow!   The vibrant hues of fresh whole foods all come from powerful compounds that support and promote our health.  I work with people of all ages; from preschool kids to seniors, and I ask them all the same thing: "…tell me the colours that you ate!" It’s easy to pump up the nutritional value of just about anything simply by adding a few colours to your plate. A peek inside this week’s box reveals a whole rainbow of options!  Think of bright red and white radish slices and deep green spinach livening up a sandwich or simple salad.  Or why not toss vibrant orange peppers, yellow onions and green pea shoots into an omelet for tonight’s dinner? Roast up some purple potatoes for a side dish or slice up some golden pineapple rings for dessert.  Food that’s beautiful to look at just tastes better, and that’s what I call healthy eating! In my workshops I often hear parents complain that their children won’t eat a lot of vegetables. I hear the same worries from those who don’t have kids but live with picky partners and spouses.  I always tell people to skip the nutrition speech.  Adults and kids are more likely to eat food because it looks and tastes delicious, not because they’ve been told "it’s good for you!" Each week when you look in that box, take the time to really appreciate the beautiful colours, textures shapes and fragrances of the carefully grown items inside.  If you do have kids, make a game of pulling out the items and really examining them together. Have you ever closed your eyes and inhaled the herbaceous smell of a fresh tomato?  Did you know that broccoli looks like little trees? Have you compared the intense aroma of garden fresh oregano to the dried flakes from a jar? Growing Closer is about more than just connecting eaters and makers. It means engaging the eaters of today and tomorrow in the colourful healthy magic of beautiful fresh food! Rainbow Plate is a company that educates children and adults about healthy eating in a way that is fresh, colourful and engaging. Our name reflects our belief that the simplest approach is the most effective in communicating a powerful message. If your plate holds a beautiful rainbow of real foods, you’re well on your way to a healthier body and a healthier life! Tell me the colours you ate, Janet Nezon Rainbow Plate was created by Janet Nezon. Janet is a nutrition educator with a B.Sc. in Nutritional Science and Master of Health Science degree in Health Promotion, from University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine.  Since 1985 she has worked as an educator and facilitator in a variety of settings, including several years as Director of Education and a long career training registered health professionals. Janet works with individuals and groups to provide customized, interactive and entertaining workshops, consulting and presentations dealing with nutrition, science and health.