I was selected for the position of Storyteller for the Sustainability for Leaders course in Toronto on June 13-14 at the Centre for Social Innovation. This was a great opportunity to learn about the sustainability framework, strategies, and results among businesses and communities worldwide. One of my responsibilities was to write a blog about the course. You can find this work at the following site: http://www.thenaturalstep.org/en/canada/reflections-from-toronto-sustainability-leaders-course My greatest challenge was to understand what exactly the term "sustainability" means? The use of this term seems a tad ubiquitous, and I can’t help but wonder if all those who use it are on the same page. Furthermore, I was trying to figure out how Fresh City Farms can articulate its actions and values within this sustainability framework. Although our website does a fine job articulating its value position, how can we now begin articulating our actions within a framework that displays our progress towards sustainability? The world of sustainability studies and application is complex, relatively new, and in progress. Practitioners are trying to devise standardized methods to measure their progress; but in relationship to what, and to whom? It seems that Corporate Knights have created the benchmark in terms of sustainability ranking. Perhaps their methodology could function as a means to transparently quantify our actions and display our progress within the larger picture as we chart are way towards a sustainable future?