A few months ago, Fresh City co-hosted "Greenhouse Gallery" an event showcasing the talent and spirit of the About Face Collective, to raise money for their project, The Everything Roof. Fresh City has lent helping hands, tweeted, posted, and fundraised to help get this project off the ground, so it is with great honour and praise that we share the following article. We also want to congratulate the About Face Collective for reaching their fundraising goal (see more about this here )! via City Farmer, from Pure Green Magazine Blog, March 30, 2012 The Everything Roof was developed as a platform to showcase creative approaches to sustainability and community space in this city. Pure Green Magazine Blog March 30, 2012 Excerpt: There is a long list of environmental benefits attached to this project—some of them are pretty direct, like replacing the black tar roof with green space, which means more carbon-consuming, oxygen-creating plant life, and it helps to reduce the "heat island" effect that these dead space roofs contribute to. We’ll also be using the food that’s produced on-site in our educational programming (there is a meal preparation component) as well as selling it through the on-site weekly office market and ground-floor cafe at Centre for Social Innovation. This means that there is essentially no travel cost, so no emissions spent to transport the produce. We’ll just run it down the stairs, literally. It’s pretty much as local as you can get. Some of the less direct environmental impacts are also tied to social impacts. Since we’ll be hosting workshops and programming, teaching people about growing their own food, creating green space, composting, making fun things out of what might otherwise be considered garbage, we hope that the positive impacts will multiply as people go on to apply the things they’ve learned at the Everything Roof to their own homes and lives and offices. Or maybe even start their own sustainability project. Read the complete article here.