Last week something very exciting happened at Fresh City.  We moved our packing operations to a larger space.  We will be sharing a warehouse with award-winning 100km Foods, a distributor of local foods.  For the first time in over three years, we will have a proper office space where the team can work together, with a nice little kitchen space for staff.  Most importantly, we will have five temperature zones for produce storage, which will mean better quality and even less waste.

Working from a blank slate and much more space - we'll be setting this space up for maximum efficiency (and awesomeness)!

Since we began delivering local, organically grown produce in 2011, we have grown from one member to well over 1,500. We’re proud to be connecting more and more Torontonians with local and like-minded makers! With our new space, we are exploring ways to create a local food hub that connects farmers with a market and provides dry and cold storage space to local food ventures.

Packing Bags at the New Warehouse

Our first day packing bags at the new warehouse! We're not fully set up yet, but getting there soon.