By Dr. Bronwyn Hill, ND

Over the next few months, Bronwyn will be contributing a series of interest pieces, sharing insights on the treatment of common health concerns via the use of food, lifestyle and other natural treatments.
If you have any ideas for topics or questions for Bronwyn, forward them our way and she will address them in her column.

The benefits to participating in a focused "detox" program or cleanse, are numerous; as discussed last week – many acute and chronic health concerns improve with this type of practice.  Detoxing in naturopathic-speak, is always centered on minimizing toxic load from the diet & environment, and encouraging the function the eliminatory organs. These would be the digestive tract, kidneys, skin/lymph/blood, lungs, and mental/emotional centres. A true total-body detox really happens when we engage in some simple daily practices that activate the latter organ systems.

Some tips and strategies to have you "detoxifying" daily….and some you will have covered with the help of Fresh City Farms!

  1. Eat small, simple meals regularly and chew food well.  Slow down when you eat to encourage good digestion!
  2. Eat lots of organic vegetables and fruits. They should make up the majority of your plate.
  3. Drink the juice of a lemon or lime in water for a beverage daily.
  4. Eat a minimum of one cup of dark, leafy greens daily (spinach, kale, chard, cress, rapini, collards). Try them in a smoothie as well!
  5. Eat Millet and Quinoa as an alternative to wheat and white rice – they are better digested and less inflammatory than gluten-containing foods.
  6. Learn to make a miso broth (1 tsp. of miso dissolved in one cup hot, not boiling, water).  Add seaweed to the broth for an added benefit and mineral content which helps alkalinize the body.
  7. Swap the coffee for green tea – much higher anti-oxidant content, and not a digestive irritant like coffee.
  8. Use olive oil (under low heat only) as an alternative to other vegetable oils. Cook with coconut oil as it is more heat-stable.
  9. Incorporate deep and mindful breathing into your daily routine.
  10. Improve blood circulation with hydrotherapy, especially alternating hot & cold showers and dry skin brushing. Sweat it out – every day! Get active, try a sauna, or an Epsom salt bath in the evening.

Happy Spring Cleaning everyone!  Be in touch with your questions –