Via . Meghan Telpner is the most fun healthy living has ever seen.  Meghan, a certified nutritionist, runs a cooking school in downtown Toronto.  This is the home of the messes she makes creating inspired, simple, healthy, creative and awesomely delicious recipes for cooking school guests and her well loved blog, Making Love In The Kitchen . SIX TRICKS TO STICK TO HEALTHY EATING We really, really want you to stick to your healthy habits! Got your back (and backside) with our new online service we are announcing on Friday. Also, join us this Monday for Meal Prep Made Easy and learn the art of healthy habits made simple! W ritten by Sondi ‘Sonderson’ Bruner , our fab intern. Do you ever marvel at people who can breezily turn down ooey gooey baked goods or a melty slice of pizza without batting an eye? For many of us, sticking to that two-week cleanse isn’t so tough. It’s when the cleanse is over that we find ourselves drooling over chocolate cake and reverting back to all the vices that lead us to the cleanse in the first place. Just a few weeks ago, my sister-in-law asked me if there was something that I was dying to cheat with, something that was so pleasurable and enjoyable it was worth the negative effects later. I honestly couldn’t think of any junk food that was worth compromising my health so I would be holed up in the bathroom hollering at my husband for more toilet paper. What if sticking to a healthy eating plan doesn’t have to be a grueling exercise in self-torture? I’ve got just the solution- and we’ve got a really awesome option coming to you this Friday (hint, hint #2). 6 Tips To Keep You On The Healthy Eating Train
  1. Get out of the ‘diet’ mindset. Sure, we love cleansing here in the kitchen. But the Fab Detox and the Gluten-Free Renewal Cleanse are not diets – they’re both intended to kickstart your healthy eating habits, rather than be a temporary break from your bad ones. So stop waiting for that diet to be over so you can snarf that cheeseburger, and begin thinking about long-term eating changes you can incorporate into your life.
  2. Have a positive attitude . If you spend all your time feeling deprived and complaining about what you can’t have, you’ll be miserable (and no one will want to hang out with you, either). Instead of focusing on what you can’t eat, think about the abundance of foods that you can eat – which, by the way, is an enormous amount!
  3. Plan, plan, plan. It’s way more difficult to eat healthy if you don’t have it together. Make a shopping list, stick to a meal plan, cook in large batches, pre-cut your veggies for the week, freeze meals, portion out snacks – anything that will prevent you from grabbing that bag of potato chips or pulling into the drive-thru because you’ve got nothing else at your fingertips. ( Pssst – we have an extra special new way to help you with this, so tune in on Friday for the big announcement. Hint, hint #2)
  4. Rely on support from others. One thing we’ve noticed among our fab detoxers and our gluten-free cleansing posse is how much they turn to each other for help, advice and support. Find a friend or relative who can support you in your desire to be healthy. Have them keep you accountable, or talk you off the ledge when you need it!
  5. Stay busy. Food is a great way to socialize, but find things to do that don’t revolve around food, too. Go to a yoga class, attend a concert, see the latest movie (minus the buttery popcorn, okay?), go for a stroll, take up knitting. Once you fill your time with activities that don’t encourage you to eat mindlessly, you’ll find that you feel less inclined to eat the things that will make you sick.
  6. Practice self-love. No, not that kind of self-love. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy and our own worst critic. Be kind to yourself when you make food choices, and don’t beat yourself up if you reach for that slice of pie. Remember, all the healthy food in the world won’t make you healthy if you’re pessimistic about eating it.
Question of the Day: What are your tips for staying on the healthy eating train?