Greetings from Roxton Road Farm!  I came across this incredibly rare front yard space one day while I was out looking for potential farm space.  I crossed into the "parkette" (picture below across the street) and feasted my eyes on this sun-drenched jewel not a block from Dundas and Ossington where I currently reside.  Could it be my lucky day?  YES!  I marched up and knocked on the door, and in about 5 minutes, my homeowner was sold! I essentially asked a stranger if I could rip up his front lawn and put in a farm, he asked, "Will you grow tomatoes?", I replied, "Ya! About 18 varieties!", He said, "Great! Hold, on, I need to go back inside for a minute and put in my other contact lens".  :/  HAHAHA!  As you can imagine, the enthusiasm makes me joyful!  So we got to work... The before pictures of Damian sampling the soil for pH levels and contaminants.  Results:  Overall pH= 5.3,  Contamination = Negative! :) Here comes the roto-tiller and some volunteers!  Ivan and Sureena flexing their muscles! Ivan. Sureena, and Sabrina worked SO MUCH that day! Marking out beds.  Starting to look like a farm! Nearly ready for the seedlings!  The entire prep took just under 3 weeks. (It was a wet spring). First seeds and seedlings in their new home. They settled in nicely. Mid-summer.  I gaze at lettuce.  Meditate on bug legs. Tomato plant inspection = Healthy plants!  No serious pests, blights, or parasites!  Lucky me! A worm's-eye view of me working in the garden.  *Note: Worms do not have eyes, but light and touch sensitive receptor cells! Making rainbows on a sunny day! Where I spend my days. I LOVE this farm spot.  I get to speak to so many people, and I have made great friends.  Stay tuned for more photos and news from the Roxton Road Farm!   Love to all.