Hello to all our dear supporters! As many of you may know, I decided to convert my yard to an organic farm this season. Why start an urban farming company if you cannot join in on the fun? Right? Here’s what I learned. While urban farming IS a lot of fun… It is A LOT of work!! My hat is off to all the member farmers who sweated it out this past season with Fresh City Farms. From a very late start due to immense rain, to a full three weeks of drought in the summer months, this season was nothing less than a challenge, especially for anyone just getting his or her feet wet in this game we call organic farming. So now is a time to reflect. What went well? What went ‘not so’ well? What are the changes that we can make next year to improve our business, farming practices, and most importantly the happiness of our Fresh City family? What changes can we make for you? Our beloved customers, who have stuck with us through this challenging season, what changes would you like to see in the coming season as you continue to support us here at Fresh City Farms? These questions only skim the surface of what I have come to know as my latest learning curve. What did I learn this season? Firstly, I learned to appreciate the little holes in my produce. If there are no holes it means that a bug wouldn't even eat it, so why on earth would I put it in MY mouth!?! I now recognize that farming is a hard job, and therefore I have gained additional respect for the food that I am so lucky to receive in my box every week. I now know how much hard work went into those fruits and vegetables. Lastly, I have decided that next year I will be using mulch in my garden wherever possible. It is the ultimate tool for weed suppression, moisture retention and soil temperature regulation. I can't wait to hear what everyone else has learned. I speak on behave of everyone here at Fresh City Farms, when I say first of all, Thank you for a great season. It has been a lot of fun working with you all, and growing together. And second, please don’t stop asking questions, making suggestions, and working together as a community, undeniably the most important part of we aim to achieve with this growing family. All things good, Phillip Collins Co-Founder and Member Farmer, Fresh City Farms