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Proud to Support FoodShare Toronto

We have partnered with FoodShare Toronto to assist in getting food to those in need at this critical time.  At Fresh City, we feel we need to stand in solidarity with those in need. Our most vulnerable and racialized communities are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. We are proud to partner with FoodShare Toronto as they deliver on their mission of good healthy food for all.

Read our press release here.

A message from our Founder & CEO, Ran Goel

FoodShare Toronto is working closely with their frontline agency partners to ensure that people who are facing food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic are getting access to good food. Many people in this city cannot afford to stockpile groceries. Children who benefit from school nutrition programs are now going without a meal while they stay home. People with disabilities, who are socially isolated, have mental health challenges, or are living in transitional housing also have urgent needs that are not being met. 

Within two weeks of launching, thousands of Torontonians have requested an Emergency Good Food Box, and the number is growing. FoodShare's goal is to continue supporting these folks with a weekly home food delivery at no cost for the duration of the crisis.

Making Your Donation is Easy

To help support FoodShare’s emergency food access work, we have added quick donation options to our online market. You can simply add a donation to your existing shopping cart and we will take care of the rest. Donations can be added as a one-time contribution or added to each of your orders. This means that you can now easily shop for yourself and for those in need, all at one time. We heard from many of you that you were looking for ways to help. Every dollar donated through our market will go straight to FoodShare’s COVID-19 relief projects. Our goal was to raise $25,000 by the end of June. We hit that in one month!  We have now doubled our goal to $50,000!

Did you know that a donation of $25 provides a family of four with a week's supply of fresh vegetables and fruit?

Please consider supporting FoodShare’s incredible response efforts so that we don't leave anyone behind.

Not yet a Fresh City customer? Looking to make a larger donation?

Visit FoodShare’s Emerency Good Food Box page to donate directly.  Please add "I'm with Fresh City" to the message box to help us track donations towards our $50,000 goal! Donations made through your Fresh City cart will not qualify for a tax receipt. 

FoodShare Toronto is Canada's largest food justice organization. A leader in the food movement since 1985, FoodShare works to dismantle oppressive structures that hold poverty and food insecurity in place. To that end, FoodShare collaborates with those most affected by poverty and food insecurity—Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, and people with disabilities. FoodShare advocates for bold public policy interventions, offers innovative food education and nutrition programs, and increases access to fresh, nutritious food. Each year FoodShare reaches over 260,000 people.

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