At Fresh City, we view farmland as part of a larger system.  Instead of trying to control the land with chemical inputs, we strive to immerse ourselves in the system and become a part of it. Learn from it. Respect it. There are several schools of thought regarding how farmers can become true stewards of our shared environment. At the forefront of this movement are farmers practicing permaculture.  Permaculture is an approach to farming that is modeled on relationships found in nature. It creates stable and productive systems where each element of the system supports the other elements to create a closed-loop system. For example, picture this: Edible Forest: nut trees comprise the canopy of the forest. Fruit trees and berry bushes make up the mid-layers, a groundcover layer of smaller berries, mushrooms, and edible herbaceous perennials creating an edible food mat on the forest floor. Don’t forget the climbing vine species that weave their way through all of these elements, finding light where they can and providing an abundance of legumes and fruit. Of course in autumn, we take advantage of the root crops that have been storing nutrients all year long just under the surface of the soil. The environment will provide the ongoing maintenance, pest control and nutrients, because that is how we have designed it to operate. Once established, all the farmer has to do is harvest and distribute the produce. As a Fresh City Farms customer you are enabling our member farmers to learn and explore different approaches to sustainable agriculture, which ultimately will change the way we eat entirely.  And hopefully make the world a better place. Stay healthy, Phillip Collins, Co-Founder, Fresh City Farms