Our website got a mini makeover!
Get to know the ins and outs of our new & improved interface with our Market manual below. 


Know Your Impact

See the positive impact every purchase makes. When you login you can see how many trees you have saved, how many greenhouse gasses you've reduced, and how your purchases are contributing to our local economy at the bottom of your Current Order page

Make Changes, Easily

Simply change and update your order in seconds! Our new Market makes it easy for you to add, remove, and update your cart regularly, all in one place. 

Make Seamless Substitutions

Not a fan of every item in your bag? Easily substitute the items you don't want for the ones you do on a 'this-order-only' basis under Current Order on the main page of My Account. You can still make ongoing Substitutions here.

Shop With a Sidebar

Can't remember what you added to your bag? We've got you covered! Our revamped shopping cart will now appear on every single page in the Market, making it easy to know what's in your bag at all times. 

Add Items at Different Intervals

You can now add Market items on a one-off basis,or every order, every other order, every third order, or even every fourth order!