It's hard to believe another year has come and gone - it seems like just the other day we were planting the first seeds and harvesting our first crop. Looking back on winter, spring, summer, and fall, we've had some truly amazing experiences through them all. While there are far too many to list, we've selected some of our favourite memories from 2013 for you to relive below...

' Open Farm ' - our season launch party at Downsview Park

Breaking ground at Black Creek Community Farm

Buying our own fleet of fuel-efficient delivery vans
Fresh City Fuel Efficient Vans

Becoming Bullfrog Powered at our packing space
06.25.2013_Fresh City Farms Bullfrog Power

The Farm Lot Launch Party in partnership with TAS and The Detox Market
The Farm Lot Launch Party

Launching our " Veggie VIP " program to highlight awesome local chefs, bloggers and nutritionists who bring you the very best recipes using seasonal ingredients
Veggie VIPs

The Fresh City Harvest Festival
Fresh City Harvest Festival

Participating in the Grow TO Urban Ag Policy Action Plan at City Hall
Grow TO City Hall Toronto

Meeting makers and going on tours of Sweda Farms, Pfennings , Zephyr, and A Still, Small Farm


Delivering over 28,000 bags to our members across the GTA
Fresh City Local Organic Food Delivery

Our members saved an average of 18.4%/week when compared to buying the same produce at Metro or Loblaws. That's a savings of $1,453.60/year based on the average Canadian family's annual grocery spending.