The holiday season is here, and the winter weather has arrived with it. Whether the snow is blowing into your glasses, freezing rain is making you shuffle your feet, or slush is leaking into your boots, there is one constant – good food can help make you feel better about the winter. Now’s the time to surround yourself with the people/pets you care about, while stuffing your face with delicious seasonal treats.

The staff at Fresh City have shared the seasonal goodies that make their holidays a little yummier. Enjoy our favourites and maybe they’ll become your favourites too!

Skip the can with Michelle’s
Orange Cranberry Sauce.

The main reasons I chose this recipe was a) it is admittedly one of the only holiday items I know how to make, b) it can be done days in advance, funneled into a mason jar, and forgotten about until you need it, and c) it is a quick and easy way to impress your dinner guests (or a perfect host gift if you’re attending someone else’s dinner). 

Stay warm with Hannah’s
Thai Dragon Bowl.

A spicy, flavourful soup to keep you warm and healthy.

Savour the season with Paula’s
Baby Beet Tart 

Look at this. Don't you want to eat this? I know I do!

Don’t forget your greens this holiday season!
Try Abra’s Celery Salt Roasted Green Beans and Brussels Sprouts.

Celery salt gives these classic holiday veggies a fresh, herbal flavour.

Beet the winter blues with Kim’s
Chocolate Beet Cake 

Veggies aren't just for dinner! Not only is this cake delicious, but it's much healthier than most desserts the holiday table will be laden with this year. The beets add a subtle flavour (to be honest, you can barely taste them) to the rich chocolatey goodness of this cake. A great dessert option for the holidays as you can indulge without (too much) guilt ;)