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Meet Your Maker: Seilern Farm

As many of you know, this winter Fresh City made the decision to add certified organic meat and sustainable fish to our market. Why meat? In a member survey, we were thrilled to learn that after joining Fresh City, the typical member eats more produce and less meat. Yet our survey also showed that a considerable majority of our members do continue to consume meat and fish. Fresh City's vision has always been to empower everyone to make conscious food choices. We deliberated at length whether selling meat and fish is in line with our vision. While there is no question that shifting to a more plant-based diet is healthier for people and the environment, we want to provide quality, convenient and ethical options to help our members make these conscious food choices. By working with small-scale livestock farms and local fisheries who take animal welfare and their environmental commitments seriously, Fresh City is supporting makers who share our goal to deliver a food experience that respects our bodies, our planet, and our shared tomorrow.

One such Maker is Mathias and Jennifer Seilern of Seilern Farm in Kincardine, Ontario. This husband and wife team is passionate about certified organic and biodynamic farming, and the ethical treatment of their livestock. 

Jenn grew up on a farm near Schomberg, Ontario and Mathias is a first generation farmer. The couple met 11 years ago while both working at Beretta Family Farms, near Toronto. After a few years of traveling the world together, they decided to return to Ontario and start a family while chasing their dreams of being organic farmers. Now they have 130 acres of cash crops, as well as 60 head of some of the happiest calves/cows we’ve ever seen.

Their cows are grass-fed and have access to three spacious certified organic pastures to roam in and enjoy the sunshine. Jenn and Mathias breed organic calves for other organic farmers to raise and also sell some of their full-grown cows to places like Fresh City.

In addition to cattle, they raise free range chickens and turkeys. The birds roam through an open air coop that is moved from pasture-to-pasture after the cows have eaten their share of grass.

All of the livestock at Seilern Farm are raised in harmony with nature with access to lush green grass, sunshine, and fresh air. Mathias and Jenn want their customers to feel confident about the meat you are feeding yourself and to friends and family. They pride themselves in providing healthy, organic, pastured, and delicious meats from animals treated with integrity and respect.

The benefits of working directly with makers like Seilern Farm are multifold. While a typical grocery store demands specific cuts of meat from their suppliers, with little regard for using the whole animal, our Meat Shares & Bundles ensure that nothing goes to waste. By working directly with Seilern Farm, we can ensure that our members are receiving healthy meat that has been farmed in a sustainable and ethical way.

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