Fall Reflection

Autumn has always been a good time for reflection.  As temperatures cool down and we move towards a more somber fall mood, I find myself looking back on this year as well as considering possibilities for next year.  With national Organic Week currently underway (Sep. 22-29) there are a host of lectures and events taking place. It’s exciting to see these opportunities for celebrating organic agriculture and picking up valuable information as well as meeting people who share similar interests.

Organic growing principles of course are important to the advancement of sustainable food systems. Yet as a small scale farmer this year I’ve also been reflecting on aspects of farming that go beyond what is simply sustainable or organic.  For example, I have developed a keen interest in biodynamic farming, which takes into account the interrelationship of spiritual, cosmic, and physical realities.

In this approach based on the works of Rudolf Steiner rhythms and processes of the natural world are seen to correlate with the inner life of the farmer as well as with celestial bodies. It makes sense to me to think of agriculture in terms of holistic relationships and to consider how it fits in with the larger picture of existence.

I suppose in terms of sustainability, however, one of the most important considerations is that of promoting healthy soil by encouraging biological diversity and preserving fertility. As farmers and producers we have an obligation to protect the natural environment as much as possible and take care of the land that sustains us.

Over the course of the season, I’ve met a lot of good people and enjoyed countless conversations on many topics. Dealing directly with customers at the farmers’ market has been especially enlightening. I have learned to appreciate their different tastes in food, different needs, and different points of view.  I look forward to connecting with people during the remainder of the season and in the future!