With fall at our door and my energy focused on my school work, I feel I am leaving the farming world I have been living in for the last twenty weeks. I have learnt so many things in one growing season that would never have been able to do in a classroom. Seen a plant grow from a seed sowed is an experience that cannot be replicated exactly on a board or in books. I am not saying that in order to grow food school is not useful. I just realised that gardening and farming can be the starting point of learning, which can afterwards be reinforced by reading and analyzing.

Basically, growing food is only the act of supporting the natural processes plants evolved to do on their own. Plants must survive in order to propagate their genes, which mean they ought to adapt to the conditions they live in. Whatever the type of soil, of nutrients, of insects, and of weeds, plants will grow if they have minimally sunlight and water. Everybody can grow food if they can provide the minimum. This is exactly what I did this summer and I was successful with most on my crops. I probably did not reach a high level of productivity according to some farming standards, but I am really satisfied with my accomplishments.

I was a student and I have become a farmer. Some people said it is because I had a green thumb, but I no longer believe in such thing. Everybody can grow a plant, whatever the color of the thumb, if they manage to provide soil, sun, and water to a seed. Try it and you’ll see plants are pretty independent creatures!

Happy growing! (Yes, even in the fall!)