The mushrooms your about to enjoy were grown in Brant Country by the Atwal family and friends. Grown indoors, all year, without the use of chemicals, our product sets itself apart from the first bite. We are not only passionate about growing for you but will enjoy the same product with our family.

A little about us?

The Brantford Mushroom Farm sits on a 2 acre parcel of land located in Brant County, lodged between Ancaster and Brantford Ontario along Highway 2 (Colborne Street East). On our farm sits two distinct structures. The main building, where all growing and production occurs, spans across the centre of the property allowing for access to both the front and the rear of the growing rooms. The second building is the residence for the Atwal family. This close proximity of the family residence allows for consistent monitoring of both the quality and the growing conditions.

We know what local sustainable produce means and are excited you’ve invited us into your home. For further information, look us up online at .


Danny Atwal, Andy Atwal, Steven Knowles