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Meet Your Maker: Harmony Organic

Fresh City takes sourcing seriously. Every product, farmer, and maker is carefully considered for its proximity, sustainability, farming practices, packaging, and much more. We are especially conscientious when it comes to our dairy products. That's why we have chosen to partner with Harmony Organic, Canada's first organic dairy. 

Harmony Organic consists of 14 certified organic family farms located across Southern Ontario. Each farm has been certified organic (learn more about Canadian Organic Dairy Certification here) and adheres to the highest standards of animal welfare and sustainable farming practices including comprehensive composting, wind, solar power and renewable energy sources.

Above all else, Harmony Organic's emphasis on the cows' wellbeing is the main objective. They go above and beyond to provide comfort and joy to their animals by allowing them to live according to their natural behaviour. The cows have access to fresh air, clean water and sunshine on a daily basis, year-round. Cold winter days are spent resting in the barn on a bed of fresh straw. You can actually taste the difference in Harmony Organic's milk - the most noticeable change being in the spring when the cows begin to graze on fresh grass once again.

Learn more about Harmony Organic by visiting their website

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