If you haven’t heard of Earth + City there’s only one thing we can say: you’re welcome for the introduction. This Toronto-based business prepares plant-based foods in tandem with the Ontario growing season. Their creations are 100% vegan, mainly raw, gluten-free, local, and organic.

So who is Earth + City? Meet Lisa Sweetman and Cassandra Rizzotto. Cassandra is a visual artist with a long history of working in the world of food and Lisa was an elementary teacher. They met in the summer of 2010 when Lisa purchased one of Cassandra’s paintings. Later that summer they reconnected at the Dufferin Grove Farmers’ Market where they became fast friends. Soon after, they decided to launch a business based on raw, vegan food. They debuted at Wychwood Market and have been there every since!

Since then the business has grown substantially. Earth + City is now at eight farmers’ markets, four of which are year-round. They also offer a comprehensive menu full of fresh, plant-based produce sourced from various Ontario farmers and makers. For example, ChocoSol provides them with many of the ingredients in their desserts. They also buy from fellow market vendors: Bizjak Farms, Highmark Farms, Sosnicki Farms, Kind Organics & Wheelbarrow Farms.

Earth + City food is dehydrated, chopped, grated, soaked, roasted, boiled, and sprouted. It’s made with nuts, seeds, fresh and dried fruits and natural sweeteners such as agave nectar, maple syrup and honey. And did we mention, IT’S DELICIOUS.

We absolutely love Earth + City’s food and everything they’re doing for the local food movement in Toronto. Visit them at a farmers’ market near you this summer and be sure to shop our market for their goods: