Originally hailing from Boston, Annie has since re-located to Toronto after studying geography at Queen's University. Annie is pretty excited about urban farming, and brings two seasons of experience on organic farms in Southern Ontario. Aside from growing food, and writing things in the third person, Annie keeps busy helping with weekly deliveries and occasional free-lance writing gigs.

It’s a pretty awesome time up at Fresh City right now. After a few days of (overdue) rain, everything seems to be bumping in the field. Tomato plants are out growing their stakes, stalks of corn are waving in the wind, and a few secretive watermelons can be found hiding amongst the weeds. Going to market every Monday afternoon at Sorauren, which the folks at the West End Food Co-Op coordinate, is another reminder that for Ontario, August and September is a great time to be a producer and an eater. The diversity and bounty is amazing and us produce vendors can finally lay off the squirt bottle to prevent the 4pm kale and chard droop.

Usually Mondays are an early and long day, as Aga (member farmer extraordinaire) and I head to Sorauren with produce harvested in the early morning. Today, I’m reporting from my half-packed room in downtown Toronto, getting ready to head off to Seattle for (more) school at the University of Washington. Leaving mid-season and when things are in full swing is definitely tough. Given the amount of time all the member farmers spend both physically and mentally in our plots, it’s no wonder we get a bit attached to them. Wandering around my plot last week, I had some guilty parent feelings of abandoning ship.

But I know it’ll be in good hands. Watching my neighbors and fellow member farmers transform their plots over the season has been interesting—you can see bits of everyone’s personality in their growing style. From Robert’s killdeer sanctuary, to Yuan and Chandrika’s meticulously weeded rows, Yuan’s telltale bag hanging from a tomato stake. Looking forward to seeing what future incarnations of Fresh City holds both in the plots and beyond. I’ll be back for visits and expect big, delicious things. Happy growing and eating everyone!