Dear members and supporters, This past weekend, we hosted our spring launch event, Meet Your Maker, at the Gladstone Hotel. Meet Your Maker presented an opportunity to join our makers — our member farmers and partners — and our eaters — you! —  to showcase the multiple benefits of Growing Closer. Bonding over good food – figuratively and literally – we were brought closer by our shared hopes and dreams to change the food system. Gladstone Chef Michael Smith prepared a locally inspired menu of appetizers, made with Fresh City produce and Ontario cheeses. His mushroom ravioli and tomato and wild leek pizzas were, among many other treats, the hits of the night! We managed to gather many of our partners: Backyard Urban Farm Company, Evelyn’s Crackers, Herbal Infusions Tea Co., i deal coffee, Monforte Dairy, Pure Green Magazine, and Stasis Preserves. And the night would not have been complete without our honoured farmers: Agata, Amy, Annie, Chandrika, Liv, Juliana, the Kropman Family, Melisanne, and Robert. Our management team was there in full: Farm Manager Connor, Operations Manager Chen, our two Fresh City fathers, Ran and Phil, and little old me, mingling and spreading the Fresh City word. Standing in the historic Gladstone Hotel gallery, surrounded by Fresh City friends, family, and followers, the room was abuzz with support and encouragement. The slideshow over the bar led us through the growing season so far, and the farmers throughout the room shared their excitement for this growing season. So, in an effort to capture and carry this energy forward, we’re introducing our upcoming Farm Story series. Over the winter, this newsletter section has touched on various aspects of food and farming. Over the spring, summer, and fall, we’ll be switching gears. To help our eaters really get to know our makers, we’ll be running an article from each farmer throughout the growing season, a continuation of Meet Your Maker, if you will. Starting next week, you’ll be able to track their development throughout the season, as they report from the field. Our Member Farmers will also be posting on their blogs, so stay tuned for updates as we get these posted. A special thank you to the members who came out – it was lovely to meet you in person after all our email correspondence. Again, I’d like to thank all of our farmers, partners, suppliers, and our fabulous host, The Gladstone Hotel, for making this night a spectacular success. Makers and eaters unite! Abra Snider General Manager, Fresh City Farms