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Meet the Maker: Paleo Palate Cafe

Say hello to baker extraordinare, Snehal Vaidya from the Paleo Palate Café! From sweet to savoury, the Paleo Palate Café offers a delicious range of paleo-friendly baked goods, free of gluten, dairy, and processed sugars! Read on to learn more about how Snehal created this tasty project!

Fresh City: Bring us back to the beginning, how did The Paleo Palate Café begin?
Snehal Vaidya: The Paleo Palate Café was founded in 2019 with an aim of providing delicious desserts made with simple ingredients. It all started in 2017 when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and was prompted to follow a clean eating lifestyle following my diagnosis. I first started with deleting common allergens like gluten, dairy & refined sugars and then progressed to following a paleo lifestyle which made a huge difference to how I felt.

What conventional medicine couldn’t do for me over a course of 18 months changing my relationship with food did so in the first 3 months. Meanwhile I was always on a lookout for food alternatives (especially desserts) that fit my new food requirements. What I found in the market was food labeled as ‘healthy’ but was full of refined sugars or food that had about 50 ingredients listed of which I couldn’t pronounce none.

I knew there had to be a better way and decided to take the matter in my own hands. What started as a series of experiments in my home kitchen first turned into a blog, then a YouTube channel and then into a full-fledged company – The Paleo Palate Café.

FC: All your products look delicious! What is your process behind creating the recipes?

SV: Thank you. My mother is a brilliant cook and a baker, and I think I have inherited a lot of that skill from her. I am intuitively aligned towards baking, and I thoroughly enjoy what I do. There is frankly no process as such. But I can say it’s a combination of ongoing research (discovering new substitutes) and a little bit of trial and error to determine the
right ratio between the dry and the wet ingredients along with a lot of positive attitude is what makes our products look and taste delicious!

FC: Finding alternatives to your favorite treats is always exciting! Can you explain how you found paleo-friendly recipes and ingredients?

SV: When I first started learning out about how food has the power to heal even the most complicated health conditions faced by mankind, I was very intrigued. I did a lot of research including reading books, listening to podcasts and Netflix documentaries on how food can make real difference. I am a huge follower of Dr. Mark Hyman and his books have been a huge help in my healing journey. Some of my favorite all time reads are Eat Fat Get Thin and Food, What the Heck should I eat. All the knowledge that I gained over a period has helped me come up with paleo friendly recipes and ingredients.

FC: Do you have any new products in the works that we can get excited about?

SV: Sure, we are always introducing new products and flavours. For the next sometime our focus
will be on offering sugar free treats. Some of the new products that we are coming up with are Keto Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts and Keto Cookies.

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