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Meet The Maker: Nerpy's Inc.

Meet Michael, the CEO and founder of Nerpy's Inc., a local business creating handcrafted hot sauces and marinades. Keep reading to learn more about Michael and how he created this incredible company!

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Michael's love and passion for flavourful food has always been rooted in his Jamaican culture and heritage. Michael went from spending his days on his grandfather's farm in Jamaica to creating award-winning hot sauces and marinades in Richmond Hill. Along with food, Michael has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and buisness. With multiple degrees in Business Management and Business Entrepreneurship under his belt, Michael has always been a self-starter. 

In 2008, Michael decided to take a look at the Hot Sauce industry and start experimenting with different flavours. The result? Nerpy's Inc.! A key component to bringing full flavour and heat to Michael's hot sauce recipes is the Scotch Bonnet pepper. Grown in Jamaica, this pepper is spicy with a robust flavour, making it a staple in Nerpy's hot sauces including the Red Hot Pepper Sauce. Michael has developed over 7 handcrafted sauces and marinades, all created locally with natural and wholesome ingredients. Nerpy's Inc. was recognized as being one of "The Top Twenty Hot Sauces in Toronto" by Toronto Life in 2019! We are so inspired by Michael's passion, ambition, and journey. 

You can find 3 of Michael's mouth-watering products on our market. Take your meals to the next level with Nerpy's Inc. hot sauces and marinades. You won't be dissapointed! 

Shop Nerpy's Products:

1. Traditional Jamaican Jerk Marinade

2. The Gold Very Hot Sauce

3. The Red Hot Pepper Sauce

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