The Roxton Road front yard plots have been a popular spot for discussions about urban farming, and what better person to discuss changes in our city than our local City Councillor!  Mike Layton was dropping off free compost at Trinity Bellwoods one Saturday morning, and I went by with my shovel and some bags to get some beautiful black gold!  I met Mike and told him about how I intended to use the compost, and he was very excited about Fresh City's business model and all the potential it creates.

He came by to visit me later that day on his bike on his way to another compost drop-off at Christie Pitts, and we talked about food, community, and city farming.  He even gave the roto-tiller a try and had a friendly shovel battle with me!  Haha!  I see Mike occasionally as he rides his bike around the neighborhood, and I can't wait to talk more about putting some edibles in our parks using a permaculture model.  He even created a Facebook photo album entitled "Fresh City Farms In Ward 19"!  Enthusiasm like that just makes my day!

You can read about (or contact) Mike Layton on his website or Facebook page: