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Growing Closer Series Member Farmer of the Day: Meagan
Meagan Gartlan is a Registered Massage Therapist and an Artist. Before Meagan started her career in Massage she planted trees seasonally in remote areas of Canada for 9 years. Living in the city full time now, Meagan has joined Fresh City Farms to keep that familiar feeling of working outside and staying a little more connected to the earth. Learning how to productively grow food for herself and her community has always been a goal which she hopes to achieve over this coming growing season!

Growing Closer Series Member Farmer of the Day: Brooke
After working and living for 7 years abroad in Europe and London, I have returned to Toronto with a strong calling to re-connect with the land and lay down some roots. Big city living has made me re-evaluate my daily actions and heart's desire. I left my previous employment and currently I am motivated to put my energy into producing and sharing good quality, real food with people who recognize how essential, timeless and important this connection is for the earth and for our multi-dimensional wellbeing. In developing strong and supportive communities growing organic produce together with the correct intentions of love, transparency and sharing, I believe we can better ourselves and the earth while living whole heartedly and sustainably. This represents a complete change in career for me, and I'm jumping right in!

Growing Closer Series Member Farmer of the Day:  Skye
"I grew up in Orangeville Ontario, after graduating high school I moved to Waterloo Ontario to pursue a degree in Ecology at the University of Waterloo. I am currently pursing a Masters degree in Environmental Studies and learning about growing organic food through Fresh City Farms. I have developed a strong interest in healthy lifestyles, and the environment over the years. My other hobbies include cooking, yoga, fitness, canoeing, hiking, and knitting. I joined the member farmers to grow my own local organic food to share with friends, family and other urban dwellers."