We have partnered with Hire a Happy Nanny to provide nutritious food in their quest to revolutionize the affordability and availability of exceptional childcare. Come join us on January 12th @ 6:30 PM at CSI - Annex, CSI Annex to find out how Hire a Happy Nanny is building a brand new model for hyper-local, exceptional - and yes, affordable! - childcare. RSVP here: http://governessproject.eventbrite.ca/?ref=ecount The Modern Governess Co-Op Project is inspired by co-op principles, creative education and child-centered parenting: we're revolutionizing childcare and the current construct of pre-school with a unique structure for sharing one-year assignments of the most impressive, educated governesses in Toronto. At a rate of about $85 per day per child. Have a 2nd child? Don't panic! We're working very hard to make sure you can afford everything wonderful too. Fresh City will provide convenient meal options for children during care: healthy organic food that's ridiculously tasty, and educational. They'll be here to chat - and families will get to experience the genius of our very first parent-mixer with inspired ice-breaker fun courtesy of Play Learn Think Tank. This event is the first time we'll discuss The Modern Governess Co-Op project in detail. Everyone will receive nifty hand-outs and we'll be pleased to answer all your questions.