Growing Patient

All sorts of things are growing this summer – my beets are coming up beautifully and the sage is just wild. What’s also growing is my patience and acceptance.

I was out of town for the last two weeks of April, a time of considerable growth I found out! I had done some planting ahead of time (including those beets!) but not heaps.

When I returned I found my plots over-run with weeds of all descriptions and my crops seemed to be no-where to be seen! I immediately went into panic mode – concerned about what other people thought of my wild plot and my own ability to manage so much land - I stressed and worried and lost the joy of growing, verging on throwing in the towel. I decided on crops that would need less attention – beans and potatoes – and abandoned the original garden design of multiple guilds.

Looking back at those weeks now that everything is growing great, I realize how exaggerated my concern was. Though it was still legitimate to feel overwhelmed and frustrated I wish I had more clearly shared my concerns with the other growers. It was only with some time away from the frenzy I felt of trying to ‘catch-up’ (what I was catching up to I’m not certain!) that I realized that, for me in my first year, the process of growing is one of peaks and trough. That some days are amazing and perfect, the wind is sweet and laughter comes easy over shared lunch with farmers. Some days however, are hot and nothing seems to be working resulting in frustration. That’s ok, I’ll accept that not everything I expected (the perfect plot with perhaps a first prize squash at some local fair?) will come to fruition but when I take a moment to pause and take in the vibrancy of growth, I know there is no where I’d rather be.