Carol Evans & Laura Jean Stephens

Carol & Laura's plot: Echomuse Farms - 2,000 square feet
What they're growing: Lots of leafy greens and salad fixings
How they're spreading the bounty: A combination of sharing it with family and friends, giving to shelters, selling at the Fairmount Park Farmers' Market, and of course, eating it ourselves!
About Carol & Laura: We both have extensive backgrounds in sales and marketing. This summer our goal is to take our weekend gardening hobby to the next level. Fresh City has given us the land, resources and support from experienced urban farmers to help make this goal a reality. We're excited to bring our harvest to you! Our motto is, "what's ours is yours."
Facebook: echomusetoronto

Kat Gibson

Kat's plot: Lady Gala - 1,000 square feet
What she's growing: I'm growing a variety of veggies, lots of kale and I will be adding some vibrant colour with marigold and cosmos flowers
How she's spreading the bounty: I'll be selling baskets of produce to friends and family
About Kat: Born and raised in Brampton, I didn't have much of a personal connection to growing food. It wasn’t until I was living on the small island of Carriacou in Grenada, W.I. that I began reflecting on food systems. It was here that I began the process of re-connecting with food and its relationship to people, place, culture and wellness. I started gardening when I returned which led me to coordinating and growing with The Cutting Veg Organic Farm for two seasons. Last season I worked at Everdale Farm in Hillsburgh, developing an educational and production garden. On the off-seasons I worked towards completing an M.Ed in Adult Ed & Community Development and a yoga teacher training program. This year when I’m not working in my plot, I’m working on a Green Belt funded local food project at SickKids and will be co-hosting farm/yoga field trips to Everdale farm this summer/fall.

Carrie Nichols

Carrie's plot: 1,000 square feet
What she's growing: Mixed vegetables and herbs
How she's spreading the bounty: With my family and community, and at the Fairmount Park Farmers' Market (Coxwell and Upper Gerrard), every Wednesday starting June 18th. Produce will also be available for pickup at the farm in Downsview Park (Keele and Sheppard)
About Carrie: I'm a former actor and music industry worker turned 'agie' for so many reasons, boldly going forward into my third year urban farming, having recently completed my certificate with distinction in Sustainable Urban Agriculture (University of Guelph), always treading as lightly as possible. Spreading seed, making life happen and educating the community, alongside my fellow Fresh City farmers.

Paula Reynolds

Paula's plot: Paula's Produce - 1,600 square feet
What she's growing: Lettuce, spinach, bok choy, rapini, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, peas, beans, cucumbers, carrots, leeks, green onions, beets, parsnips, swiss chard, kale, strawberries and herbs
How she's spreading the bounty: I am following a CSA model and selling produce to subscribers
About Paula: I joined Fresh City because I believe the best tasting, healthiest food you can eat comes from the garden.  I see great value in knowing where your food comes from, and making ecologically responsible food choices.  As a member farmer at Fresh City I am excited to be contributing to a local food system and reconnecting people with their food. When I'm not at the farm I am pursuing my other passion, entomology. I can be found staring into a microscope identifying bugs as an insect taxonomist for the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

Helane Chan

Helane's plot: 1,000 square feet
What she's growing: I grew up under a deep Chinese cultural influence, and plan on growing a mix of western and asian crops including beets, carrots, winter and summer squash, hopi blue corn, edamame, adzuki beans, gai lan, choy sum, broccoli, daikon, parsnips, tomatoes and sesame.
How she's spreading the bounty: I am growing with the main purpose of supporting my own consumption, as well as an experimental step to move forward with my off-grid sustainable dream. I've got lots growing, and if I'm lucky, I might be selling excess produce at the farm!


Ian's plot: Sylvie's Garden - 1,000 square feet
What he's growing: If all goes well; tomatoes, herbs, carrots, cucumbers, beets, kale and watermelon.
How he's spreading the bounty: Making sauce, pesto, eating, sharing.
About Ian: A colourful background consisting of self employment, manual labour and suit and tie corporate gigs, I've done it all! Volunteered with Fresh City for the past year in the warehouse (croissants kept me coming back) and completed the internship. Interested in learning how to farm outdoors and indoors to develop the skills for a project I'm currently working on.

Dan Desveaux

Dan's plot: Lionheart Farm - 1,000 square feet
What he's growing: I'm growing a large variety of vegetables with some emphasis on unusual varieties, colours and shapes.
How he's spreading the bounty: I was selling seedlings this spring, and will be selling preserves in the fall. I'm at the Bloor-Borden Farmer's Market every Wednesday (3-7p.m.) in the Lippincott Green P parking lot in Toronto (runs from June 4th - October 22nd).
About Dan: I grew up on an acre of prairie in rural Manitoba, from which my parents coaxed enough vegetables and fruit to feed themselves and 5 children. What we didn't eat fresh, my parents preserved, so I learned a lot back then. I got an engineering degree and moved away, currently working in the automotive industry. But I realized that growing food was what I needed to do! I planted a backyard vegetable garden and began taking farm courses; and last year I finally started "Lionheart Farm" at Fresh City in Downsview, which is close to where I live, and provided everything I needed to get started farming!  In a few years I hope to have the knowledge and experience to expand significantly, and make farming my full-time career and livelihood.
Connect with Dan: Watch and @LionheartFarm on Twitter for farm updates, produce info, recipe ideas, pictures, etc!

Enzo Frati

Enzo's plot: 2,000 square feet
What he's growing: Mostly tomatoes and hot peppers, root veggies, and other miscellaneous odds and ends
How he's spreading the bounty: Most will be consumed or preserved, extras will be shared amongst other member farmers or possibly sold
About Enzo: I come from a European background, and have a passion for hands on work, gardening, electronics, mechanics, equipment, tools, etc. I have limited experience with gardening, and started at Fresh City as a volunteer. When opportunity knocked for growing space, I couldn't resist and had to jump in and get my hands dirty!