H erbal Infusions Tea Co. is a Toronto based tea boutique that specializes in caffeine free tisanes that naturally taste good and are good for you. We offer over 100 varieties of tea that include white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea, and a wide assortment of herbal and fruit blends.
We have been blending a variety of teas in house since 2005 and work with local herbalists, farmers, and companies to create uniquely local teas. Our commitment to quality tea blends and transparency with our sources of origin are paramount to what we do. Our tea cocktail workshops that incorporate our tea blends with a selection of spirits. Many of our teas are fair trade, organic, certified organic, biodynamic, and also governed by the Ethical Tea Partnership. We're so excited to be working with Fresh City that we've sent over samples of our Coco Tea. Let us know what you think and try a weekly tea subsription with your Fresh City Box. You can also visit us online at herbalinfusions.ca or in-store at 404 Adelaide St. W. Thank you, Dan Johanis Founder