Iceberg lettuce has been given a bad rap over the years. It has a mild flavor, pale colour and is `often found slapped onto sandwiches and hamburgers. Once considered the all American food, its nutritionally superior counterparts have more recently overshadowed this beloved lettuce. But perhaps we need to give it another chance…

Iceberg lettuce was developed from the Crisphead lettuce, Batavia, by W. Atlee Burpee & Co. in 1894. Its name evolved to reflect its method of shipment: buried in ice in Trans Atlantic railroad cars. Thus, it acquired the name iceberg lettuce. This tightly packed spherical shaped lettuce is crunchy, crisp and hydrating. It comes from the Lactuca sativa family. Although iceberg lettuce is not as nutritionally dense as some other green leafy vegetables, it is still a good source of potassium, calcium, fiber and vitamin K. In fact, if you’re looking for some extra hydration, iceberg lettuce is concentrated with more water than virtually any other green.

So, we shouldn’t completely write this vegetable off. It is a great foundation to use in stir-fries and it adds a nice crunch into chopped salads. My favorite way to use iceberg lettuce is in my hearty lettuce wraps. Use the lettuce leaves as the wrap and pack it with a rainbow of vegetables, fruit, protein and grains. It makes for a delicious and wholesome meal!

How do you use your iceberg lettuce?

By: Shelby Kroach,
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Shelby Kroach is a registered holistic nutritionist and food enthusiast. She currently practices in Thornhill at Dr. Green's Health and Wellness. Some of the areas that Shelby focuses on in her clinic are weight loss, inflammation, digestion and athletic performance. Shelby strongly believes that what you put in your body affects how you feel both inside and out. That is why she works with clients to create individualized nutrition programs that are attainable and results oriented. Outside of the clinic, Shelby runs corporate wellness programs as well as healthy eating seminars to groups and organizations. She also has a food and nutrition blog called The Simple Dish where she posts recipes, nutrition tips, product reviews and restaurant reviews weekly.

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