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How To Make 3 Simple Cocktails with Tawse

With the last long weekend of the summer upon us and a few more warm weather weekends to enjoy the outdoors with family, I wanted to put together a few of my favorite cocktails and spirit sips for you to enjoy that are perfect for hot days and cool nights. These are all very easy to execute and are also impressive for your guests. Happy Sipping!

About Tawse

Situated on the lower slopes of the Niagara Escarpment, Tawse is a family-owned, multi award-winning, organic winery and distillery. Uniting traditional winemaking and distilling techniques with state-of-the-art technology, Tawse embodies all the values of the Bottle Shop with their dedicated to producing terroir-driven wines and spirits of exceptional elegance, depth and character.

3 Simple Cocktails

Alongside a delicious range of wine, Tawse carries a line of organic spirits that can be aded into your favourite cocktails. Try our 3 simple cocktail recipes using some of our favourite Tawse spirits!

Tawse Organic Vodka Caeser

We recreated this Canadian classic with some delicious finds on our market!

Try the recipe out here! 

Tawse Organic Gin & Tonic

Hold on to summer with this fresh and floral gin and tonic!

Gin up, you can find the full recipe here!

Tawse Organic Vermouth & Lemon Spritzer

I love to use the Tawse Organic Vermouth in this cocktail because as a wine drinker, it's based on the Riesling grape and has 14 botanicals added to it. It is great for a digestif or as an easy sipping cocktail. 

Get your spritz on with this simple recipe!

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