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How To Build The Perfect Cheese Board

There’s a bit of an art to creating the perfect cheese board, but once you know the basics, you can easily create your own at your heart’s content. Dig into yours as a pre-dinner snack or as part of a spread. Mix and match with different ingredients to customize your selection based on your taste and what's in season. 

Vary The Textures:
When picking cheeses, opt for a variety of cheeses for a flavour play on textures, levels of sharpness and taste. We’ve opted for a soft brie, a crumbly hard cheese and a blue here, but you could complement with a few others. You can also vary cheeses by type of milk (cow, sheep, buffalo) for further flavour variations.

Sweet & Salty:
Adding something sweet to your platter will help complement the cheeses and bring out their flavour. Opt for jams (peach, fig and ginger are delicious choices), fresh fruit (kiwi for a change from the more traditional grapes!, or clementines, pears and apple), or a few spoonfuls of honey. 

Eating With Your Eyes: 
To make your cheese platter visually appealing to the eye, trying adding a few sprigs of fresh herbs. This will help beautify your board while adding a lovely aroma too. We’ve opted for fresh rosemary here, but you could try fresh thyme, sage or mint leaves. 

A Little Crunch:
Serve your platter alongside crackers, or our favourite: fresh baguette slices from Mabel’s! You can either toast the slices or enjoy them fresh. For some added crunch, you could add a few nuts to your platter too (almonds, pistachios or cashews are our favourites). 

The Right Temperature:
Cheese is best enjoyed when it’s not too cold. You will get the best flavour that way. Make sure to take your cheeses out of the fridge about 30 to 45 minutes before serving. 

Products Used:

Buffalo Bliss Brie Cheese

Bleu Benedictin Cheese, Saint Benoit du Lac

Thornloe Romano Cheese

Mabel's Peach Jam

Organic Kiwi

Mabel's Demi Baguette

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