Below is a description of the harvest, preparation, and market delivery process. Step 1: Harvest On Wednesday, June 15 th , 10 lbs of mixed salads were harvested, washed, and packaged for the University of Toronto Farmers’ Market held on Thursday, 2pm to 5pm at Willcock's Commons. On Monday, June 20 th , 15 lbs of mixed salads were prepared for our food box program. Step 2: Wash thoroughly and soak for 30minutes in ice cold water. Step 3: Packaging For Thursday’s Farmers’ Market, 5 bags, each with 2 lbs of mixed salad, were packed into two large carrying bags and refrigerated overnight. Step 4: Transportation. On Thursday morning the bags were loaded with ice coolers and commuted with me to work. The picture below shows the salads at Osgood station. For the food box delivery program, Phil picked up the 15 lbs of salad at my house and divided the salads accordingly. Step 5: Market Delivery and Sales. The salads arrived on time at the University of Toronto Farmers’ Market at Willcock’s Commons. Pictured below is Phil with the salads.